Two Services, One Labor of Love: Advocacy, Leadership, International Travel

Our two core services at Mervenne & Company are the advocacy and public affairs work we do for select clients and Anne’s leadership development work with aspiring leaders through the Michigan Political Leadership Program. Anne’s labor of love is her travel business specializing in unique trips to Morocco.


Mervenne & Company takes a highly personalized and relationship-driven approach to working with clients and takes pride in leveraging Anne’s connections, her track-record of success and vast experience in service to them. She leads the company in providing advocacy counsel and lobbying services on federal and state appropriations and assists a select group of clients in establishing and executing a governmental relations program at both the state and federal levels. She develops relationships with key elected and appointed policymakers on behalf of clients. She also directly interfaces with policy makers, monitors key issues and develops strategies for client engagement.

Anne Mervenne accepting an award in Michigan

Michigan Political Leadership Program

Michigan state capitol building in Lansing Michigan with green trees in the USA

Since 1997 Anne has served as co-director for a renowned, bi-partisan program at Michigan State University that identifies individuals committed to community service and brings them together to engage in a public policy and leadership curriculum. She leverages her expertise and connections to offer leadership education training. Through Anne’s efforts, more than 600 political leaders have been educated on practical politics, public policy analysis and process, personal leadership development, and effective governance. Now more than ever our country needs effective public and political leadership. These next generation leaders are our state and country’s best hope for the future.


International Relations & Travel

Anne embraces Mark Twain’s observation that “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Anne went on trade missions to Israel and Jordan; Shanghai, China; and London and served as a trainer for the International Republican Institute in Cambodia, Morocco and Dubai, U.A.E where she assisted women in preparing to run for and hold political office. Her first trip to Morocco became a love story between Anne and an amazing country, culture and people. She loves being a travel ambassador and connection for all things Moroccan and has turned her passion for travel and international relations into a side enterprise.

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